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This site, though basic, is designed to be a "one-stop shop," if you will, for #FPLDraft players. As the game gets more and more popular, I'm hoping that this list will grow, as will the descriptions of each and the complexity of the site. For now, please accept this humble attempt to compile these helpful pieces of information into one place. I've tried to avoid listing sites that hide most of their information behind a pay wall. I realize that people need to make a living. However, I'm not in the habit of paying for informational web sites, and I aim to keep it that way. If you know of more resources applicable to the FPL Draft game, please fill out the Contact Me section and make me aware. Cheers!

The Thing About Draft...

It's a fairly new game. NFL draft fantasy has been the main choice for players for decades. However, fantasy Premier League revolves mostly around the "Official Game" (otherwise known as OFPL), which is a salary cap game in which every single player can, potentially, own any player in the game. I listened to a podcast recently in which one of two hosts said something to the effect of, "We had a similarly stagnant week this week, HOST NAME, since you and I started basically the same team." While I appreciate the idea that one can play against literally everyone in the OFPL world in this format, I despise the fact that every manager ends up owning the same players. This is my argument for FPL Draft.

So, whether you're particularly interested in playing draft is not really a concern of mine one way or another. I truly do hope that you try it, as I think it's a superior game. However, the issue that we draft managers run into is the dearth of information and resources for this fantasy format. Thus, I've compiled what I can here, on this site, which is only a shade better than the Geocities ones I used to make in middle school. If you come across more resources that could be helpful to the draft manager, please share them in the contact me section. And, as always, I'd appreciate a follow on Twitter.


Joe Williams (@JWillDraft)

Draft Format Options

Only recently have I found out that there are truly a wide number of different options available to managers who want to play FPL Draft. While this makes it a bit more difficult to choose your preferred league host, it means the community is growing and you have possibilities galore.


So, those who are loyal to other FPL Draft sites, forgive me, but my preferred and recommended host site is Fantrax. Why? Well, as mentioned, Togga was largely regarded as the most complete representation of FPL Draft, largely because its scoring settings were so deliberate and tested meticulously. Well, Togga had to shut its doors. As a result, Fantrax offered to host leagues with the exact same settings as Togga users experienced with Togga. When starting a league, choose to use settings from another site, and then choose Togga. This is my preferred setup, but I want to give you as many options as possible. See below!

Draft Fantasy

Beautiful site and attractive UI from Draft Fantasy Football, now with custom scoring. Their base scoring is much like OFPL. I'm told that their app is user-friendly and works well, too.

Real Fantasy Football

Another possibility that has been recently revamped and offers a very attractive user experience is Real Fantasy Football. Again, their default scoring is much like OFPL, rewarding basic stats without getting too far into the weeds.

Dugout FC

This appears to be the most in-depth FPL Draft format out there. You customize your team, pitch, stadium, jerseys, etc. You transfer in players with virtual money. You can offer other managers virtual money or other players for transfers, but be careful: if transfer negotiations last too long, the rest of the league might hear about it in the form of transfer rumors! Like I said... it's in-depth. Sounds fun.

Fantasy League

FL's focus is completely on the auction style of the game. You still have a draft. Each player is simply an auction and you have a budget. It's a blast. Scoring is basically OFPL standard.