In-Season Help

Weekly Preparation

Fantrax HQ is the home to draft fantasy analysts @TheFFChaps, @DraftGenie, and @The_InnerGeek. They offer the most consistent stream of articles, statistical deep-dives, rankings, and weekly advice. Full disclosure: I host their podcast and write the occasional article for the HQ.

Check their "Team News" section. They cover lineups as well as the latest updates for each team. This is my first stop for team-by-team analysis.
Fantasy Football 92 is an awesome resource run by my Twitter pal, Will (@ipredictapayet). Sections include "Differential Potential," "Previews," "Stat Attack" and more. Almost all FPL Draft exclusive information.
Again... I believe information should be free as long as I can ignore several ads for undies and male enhancement. Bang Average's Patreon, though, is not. HOWEVER, John Wallin (who also authors the draft kit) is a resource worth paying for. It's up to you. There are a lot of articles and they're all incredibly well researched.
Neal, Sean, Chuck & Andrew write on a number of different formats, including just Prem news in general. There's also draft information on here, and it's all well-done. These are some of the most experienced guys in the game.
Rotowire is mentioned elsewhere in the site. They have some great FPL Draft information and they use stats like... I mean, I guess it is their job... but they use a lot of stats! Most of it is for subscribers, so that's between you and your pocketbook.
Never Manage Alone is a running blog by SB Nation. They don't have a TON of draft focused material, but there's some. And, their features tend to be helpful and insightful regardless of your chosen platform.
Real Fantasy Football (@RFFUK) has their own fantasy draft game (like Fantrax or Draft Fantasy). But they also have a news section with articles! Check them out.

Predicted Lineups

Check their "Team News" section. They cover lineups as well as the latest updates for each team. This is my first stop for lineups.
The FF Chaps run, in my opinion, the best FPL Draft site, hands down. They focus solely on draft, they update weekly, and they're incredibly knowledgeable. Some amazing insights here. You'll see them pop up in many sections of this site.
This site is solid for predicted lineups. They are only posted mere hours before the matches, but The Guardian does good work.
Rotowire has some incredible FPL coverage. They have a pay wall for much of their content. Low-key, I would say that it's worth it. However, their lineup predictions are free. Plus, they're always posted early in the week!
Teamfeed can be hit or miss with lineups. Pro: they offer expected lineups, which is really what we're all looking for. Cons: they don't always predict every game consistently, leaving some mysteriously out.
Sportito takes a stab at lineup predictions and they do so fairly regularly. They don't, however, place the players in the formation. They simply list the players they think will start each match.
Lesser known in the world of predicted lineups, but another source for insight into the fantasy community's consensus.
Fantasy Football 24/7 also offers predicted lineups, as well as a host of other materials, though they are focused on OFPL.

Depth Charts

Rotoworld is one of the only sites that I have come across offering depth charts. Granted, it's really more of an NFL thing anyway. But, they can be helpful when injuries pop up.
Rotowire appears in many sections of this site. Well, in addition to everything else they offer, they also have depth charts.

Upcoming Schedule Difficulty

Fantasy Football Hub

They offer a great tool, which is customizable by choosing select weeks.

Fantasy Football Geek

Offering their "Fixture Ease Schedule," FF Geeks do a wonderful job running the numbers and (somehow) explaining what they all mean.

Official EPL Fixture Tracker

The Premier League's official fantasy site releases these and updates them regularly. It shows the entire season and isn't as user-friendly.
Fantasy Football 24/7 has a fixture tracker, which can be helpful in checking out matchup difficulty.


Update: I have recently been informed that injury guru @BenDinnery actually provides the information for 3 of the 4 sites I've listed below. So, make sure he's one of your first Twitter follows when you get plugged into the FPL Draft community.

Premier Injuries

Not sure why you'd go anywhere else, but I'll give you options anyway. PI should be your first stop. And follow @BenDinnery on Twitter. He's the man behind the site.


Premier Injuries is actually run through PhysioRoom, but the two are a bit different still in their presentations. Similar info, though.

FF Scout

As with the rest of their work, their injuries page is often updated and done with care. Highly recommend.


I like RW's site as well, if only because they show the date of the injury, which is sometimes good info to have.

Player & Team Statistics

Who Scored?

Who Scored is the go-to site for all of your stats and data needs. To list just A FEW of the things they offer: live scores, form tables, player stats, lineups, heat maps, player positions, player strengths, weaknesses, and style of play.... etc, etc, etc, etc!!


Focusing mainly on transfers, this site is awesome for transfer values, histories, and rumors. It also has some detailed player stats and a really fun competitions won section for each player.


This is one of VERY, VERY (can stress that more?) few sites that offers free XG & XA stats. If you're not sure why those stats matter, do some research. They're a good indicator of true player performance.

Opta Joe

While not a "site," OJ is a Twitter must-follow and another source for those elusive free XA & XA stats. He also offers many other statistical insights before and after key matches. Follow him now.