Featuring myself, @DraftGenie, and 1/2 of @TheFFChaps, we podcast weekly and are available on major streaming services. We cover #FPLDraft relevant takeaways from past gameweeks, preview upcoming matches, and offer weekly segments like super starts, streamers, and trade targets. Follow us on Twitter @FPLKickaround!

More FPL Podcasts With Draft Content

FPL 360

Chuck Booth and Sean Sullivan give their well-informed takes on the draft game as well as the official game. Of any pod I've heard, they focus the most on draft and it's normally short and to the point analysis using knowledge and research.

Bang Average

The lads at Bang Average have varying levels of interest in the draft game. John Wallin and Mike enjoy the draft game quite a bit. Ryan is more of an OFPL guy. So, you'll end up with content for both on this pod. Oh, and a lot of nonsense. A lot.

Ultimate Fantasy Podcast

This pod has been rebranded from the Draft Fantasy Podcast. Alfie did a nice job on that pod, especially with his editing and sound effects. They claim this new pod will offer more insight for all platforms.

Beard & Boom

Personable guys discussing the draft game and ONLY the draft game. Plus, they pause to explain bits about the draft game and how it differs from the official game. Their discussions are incredibly helpful to both beginners and vets of draft.

FPL Draft Hub Podcast

Focusing on the draft game from the Premier League's site, these guys look at stats, trends, trades, player performances, etc. The information is solid and can be applied to other draft formats easily if you don't play the official game's version.

Draft, Lads, Draft

DLD is a pod focusing on the Draft Fantasy Football format. The lads discuss the goings-on in their league as a lens from which to discuss player values, pick-ups, drops, and other managerial moves for fantasy players.

Rotowire Soccer Pod

Andrew and Mike know the Premier League well. They chat a bunch about the teams, the players and their outlooks, and how everything relates back to their rankings and how they came up with them. The draft content is scant, but the info can definitely help you in draft leagues.

While the above accounts are the only ones that appear to discuss the draft game, there are more pods that can be helpful in simply gathering information on the official game or on the Premier League in general. I'll be adding those below in the coming weeks.