Twitter Must-Follows

TWITTER is Your Friend.

In order to stay up to date and to get the hottest takes from the folks who know, it is absolutely vital to plug into the FPL Draft community on Twitter. Not only will it help your fantasy game, but I've found it to be incredibly inclusive, welcoming, and friendly. There's no time for negativity and professional fantasy writers and experts in the game will actually respond to you when you @ them. It's vital if you want to reach the pinnacle in this game.


Chuck's mind is a steel trap for team tactics. When it comes to formations, team strategy, likely managerial decisions, and tactical analysis, there's no one I trust more. Follow, read, and listen to Chuck!


John Wallin will be popping up all over this site. One of the masterminds behind the best draft format to ever exist (Togga), Gaffer weighs in on draft questions often. He's also the host of @BangAveragePod and produces a draft kit yearly that is well worth the coin.


I can't say enough about the work that the Chaps put in. Aside from being the head writers on Fantrax EPL HQ, they also chip in on the podcast and have time to respond to Twitter mentions. Truly massive figures in the draft game.

FFGenie (@joeybob88888)

Beware: if you enter a league with Genie, you will have more trade offers than you even thought possible. Aside from that, though, Genie is an analyst for the Kickaround pod, a writer for Fantrax HQ, and he will DEFINITELY respond to your Twitter questions. Just ask.


A buddy of mine and one of the most consistent FPL Draft question answerers on Twitter. In particular, he loves a good waiver wire discussion. And, I realize now, I failed to mention that Totti is a trade specialist. Ask his advice.


Tweet them with a poll question about a decision you're faced with in your league. They will post it. You will get tons of votes on YOUR PARTICULAR question. Enough said.


Will has a site: Fantasy Football 92, which will show up elsewhere on the site. Super talented, knowledgeable dude.


Ben is not a draft fantasy account. However, the information that he posts regarding injuries in the PL is so indispensable, that he is an absolute must-follow for any fantasy manager. He's one of the hardest working gents on Twitter, and his information always spot on and timely.


You know those nice things I just said about Totti? Copy and paste for Hazardous. Class act. These last two gents will be happy to welcome you to the #FPLDraft community.


Co-host (no offense, Wallin) to the @BangAveragePod, Mike has a healthy amount of draft knowledge and a healthy disdain for OFPL. I can't promise that any response from him won't be dripping in sarcasm. He'd have it no other way.


I wasn't regularly interacting with Draftiola until after I made most of this list. However, he should be MUCH higher. He has an insane level of knowledge and is happy to weigh in on your questions if you @ him.


Ryan (Fantasy Yirma) is 1/3 of the Bang Average pod and, though he's more of an Official Game guy, deserves mention if only because he's put up with Wallin's dad jokes and "crazily sanctimonious" Mike for a number of years now.